Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Goals for 2010

I decided I should write my goals down, otherwise I may loose site of the tasks at hand. Its only fair to myself to make sure I complete as many of these little tid bits this year as possible. I have been feeling the need for more accomplishment in my life lately. Ive really been having the annoying little voice in my head call me a slacker for a while now, well Ive decided its time to shut that voice up. So here goes nothing!

My Goals For 2010:
  • Loose all the baby weight.... that's about 8 more lbs to go I figure.
  • Get more toned, and in better shape
  • Improve my blood numbers that were striking from my physical
  • Eat better to help with the previous
  • Play with Alex more: taking him for walks, to the library, etc. Instead of playing inside all the time
  • Spend more time loving my husband. I found out that I can be more affectionate to him.
  • Improve my spending habits. I don't go overboard but I can do somethings differently.
  • Try cooking new meals. The same old same old is getting old.
  • Make more times for dates out with the husband. Trust a sitter and get over leaving the kiddo behind. We deserve it and he will not love us less for it.
  • Break Alex of the bottle for good. He should already be off it as far as Im concerned but we will try.
  • Narrow and nail down a path for school and make that less of a dream and more of a reality. I have the itch to go back to school. Via tele-course, online, or classroom, I don't care, I need to finish something I started.
  • Be more positive. I realized over the last few months of 2009 that I had become a rather negative person about many things, and I truly hate how that made me feel. Its not me.
  • Make pillows and curtains. ON the SEWING MACHINE :)
  • Paint and decorate my kitchen to my liking....til we can afford any sort of remodel.
  • Read more. I still am lacking on the Twilight series which I really love.
  • Crochet and Knit more. Its just in my blood
  • Get the craft room up and running. Save money for this sort of thing and get r done. I need this space desperately because my hobbies are spreading to other parts of the house.
  • Be more organized. Period.
  • Manage my time better.
  • Get a new dishwasher. DON'T let Josh tell me he will try to fix it anymore, its been over 8 months without one and I'm tired of it.
  • Learn to be more excepting of things I cannot control or change.
Now I'm sure I will add more things because its a new year, but I just feel like this will help me keep track. I'm a list person. :)

And now I can share some pictures of the projects and such Ive been doing lately. :0) Enjoy

My baby turned 1!

Jessi and I at the Lady Gaga concert

I really don't know where our child gets his insane hair!

My cousin got married and these are my sisters :)

I made some hats for a pretty little girl named Autumn, and I really love how they worked out :)

You can see Autumn wearing the second one here: Autumn's Story

Alex's latest funny : You say belly or belly button and he lifts up his shirt and points to his stomach laughing and smerking. I decided I better teach him to do it to himself since I was sick of him lifting up my shirt and doing it to me ;)