Thursday, October 22, 2009

mini mini update

I don't understand why I have such a hard time keeping this blog up to date, its not like I don't get on the computer ever, Im on it a lot at different times throughout the day. Seriously. We've been very busy busy around here. With my shop opening up, and facebook pictures taking off I have had a few custom orders going on. I feel a tad overwhelmed, but Im not sure that I mean that in a bad way. I think Im just freaking out a tad about not being home for a single weekend(minus my bday weekend) in Nov. Even on my Bday weekend, we have to celebrate that, and then a house party for Josh's boss. So wow, its going to be a crazy holiday season. I think it will be better come January, and by better I mean, holidays will be outta the way, cousin will be married, baby will be 1 and not so much a baby anymore! Things will settle. Im hoping people continue to want me to make them things, the extra money is good for me. I feel bad with pricing though. Like, I think I want people to like the sound of the $ and I cut myself short. I guess I need to work on that, and be firm, and well if people don't like it, they won't buy it and thats that. I mean, thats my job right? Lately Ive just been doing custom afghans, scarfs/hats, and the magnets. The magnets are a WIP for sure, trying to get them just right still. Im getting there! So happy day to all of you!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Magnet Adventure

Lately Ive been attempting some things in the crafty world that I wouldn't ever really imagine myself doing. While placing some pictures on the fridge a few weeks ago, I realized I liked my fun glass magnets the best. So, I decide to make some. I found these awesome square tiles over at CandyTiles ArtFire Shop got some, and started playing around. I tried many adhesives, and nothing but e3000 has worked so well just yet. I think I may have to try some diamond glaze. Anyhow. I really love Candy's pendants and the tiles are super perfecto. Some of the glass Ive been using is cheap and has flaws. The magnets I got from her were great, and even though there was some postal goof ups, Candy was great. Y'all should check her out! :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

So Ive had this yarn for a good 4-5 months now, not really knowing what to do with it. Its the kinda yarn that you just cannot make an afghan out of because its costly, and I just got a new purse so that idea wouldn't work. I really didn't want to take the easy way out with the scarf idea but thanks to the help of some forum posts at Raverly and Alessandra over at Just Be Happy! I was able to figure out the ketjusilmukkahuivi scarf and then it was an easy choice. And so it begins! I have a feeling this one will be done soon, since its become very hard to put down! :)

Friday, October 9, 2009


"IT" being me. Im still a live. I prrrrromise. I've been busy busy busy, sick, busy busy busy, more sick, sick baby, yatta yatta. I won't make too many excuses. I will for sure post an update when I feel a lil less loopy. I did however open up my ArtFire site. Ohhh, it feels really good to finally start something like that. I was really hoping for a sale in its first week, but oh well, with only 3 items listed what can I expect. Hopefully word of mouth travels quickly for me.
Here's the linky link!