Monday, April 23, 2012

I've been asked about the Braided Spaghetti Bread our family devours so I figured Id post my recipe tweaks here :)

braided-spaghetti-bread is the link that I found via Pinterest!

I will try to post some pictures that aren't from my phone sometime :)

Here is my changes...
The first time I made this I didn't think it was bread-y enough. If that's even a word!
We aren't really Italian sausage eaters in this house, so I used ground beef.
Instead of cubed mozzarella I went with shredded, it melts evenly.
The crust needed something more, so with the cheese I added Italian seasoning and garlic salt.


  • I doubled the bread and used two loaves. Its alot but it was way better 2nd time around and we had some left overs! Which we love for sure.
  • Mixed 1lb ground beef(browned and drained)with the sauce
  • Made enough pasta for a regular spaghetti meal... again..... leftovers!!! 
  • Replaced the cubed mozzarella with shredded, about 2 Cups.
  • After using the egg wash I sprinkled seasoning and garlic salt, then the grated Parmesan cheese. More is better here if you ask me.
Extra tip : I rolled the bread out between two sheets of parchment paper and I HIGHLY recommend using it for this, saves you a big mess for sure!