Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Book of Face

I can say shamefully say that I have been addicted to Facebook since the day I found out about it. Myspace died really fast when that happened. I loved being able to get in touch with people whom I haven't seen or talked to since graduating high school, or some requests went as far back as grade school. It blows my mind! Now of course there are always those people you "guilt" add or feel like because they are family you must add them. Im not so into that idea anymore, and have been trying to scale back my numbers to people who honestly matter. Im not about padding my friend number just because I know you somehow.

This brings me to the beauty of "Fan Pages". I was just going to make a different account solely for my crochet, but instead chose the fan route. It has really paid off I think. Now, I only have 120ish fans but its still seemingly easier than garbling up my own page, and I am happy with each and every one of those fans choosing to add me in the first place. Plus, this way people Im not even friends with to add it and check everything out. I do feel this is going to help me with the "home biz". Okay, so apparently I like using " "s a lot too. :) Networking is really great, word of mouth is even better.

Ive made so many connections via Fan Pages so far that I feel are going to really help me out, and Ive already made some cool friends from it all. We will see how it plays out but I really have a happy feeling in my gut about this.

If anyone wants to fallow the Fan Page, its Crochet Medley and I am happy to "fan" your pages also, so drop on in!!