Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vintage Puff Flower Pattern

Im in love with all things vintage. I love collecting old items from sales, loved ones, or even handmade. I was busy crocheting a hat up for a photo shoot and wanted to really put my own touch on it. I came up with this unique flower. I used my fancy new composite notebook (its pink!) to write this one down and now I want to share it with you! Enjoy!!


Yarn, J-Hook, Button, Yarn Needle, Scissors.

Gauge is not important for this project
Using different hook sizes will yield different sizes :)

Special Sitch - Puff Stitch : *YO, insert hook through the ring, YO, pull up a loop* Repeat from * 4 more times. You will have 11 loops on your hook now. YO and pull through all 11 loops.

Begin with a Magic Ring 

Round 1: CH 3. * Puff Stitch, CH 4. * Repeat from * 6 times total. Join with Sl St to the top of 1st Puff.
You now have 6 Puffs and 6 Ch 4 spaces

Round 2 : CH 1. SC in same space. * 4 SC in CH Space, SC in top of Puff Stitch * Repeat from * 6 times total. Join with Sl St to 1st SC. 

Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing. 

Attach your button to center of flower ( I use my sewing tail ) Weave in ends or sew to your hat. 

This pattern might be FREE but please give me credit where its due.