Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wrong Side vs Right Side

A lot of people that a new to crochet have asked me for helpful tips, and ideas. I decided to share some with you. One of the most important ones I think is knowing wrong from right side. This is mainly used on hats for me.

This is what as known as the "Right Side" in crochet. The stitches tend to look more uniform and bold. Sharper if you will.

This is what is known as the "Wrong Side" in crochet. You can see the stitches blend more and are not as sharp.

One more helpful thing I wanted to post would be helpful to those who have photographers as clients, or whom send items off to be photographed professionally. There are far to many times Ive seen pictures with hats on backwards. There is a "joining seam" on hats, sometimes its very noticeable but most times a little reminder will not hurt. This picture is of a more obvious seam.

Just for fun I wanted to share some of my texture images I just took today and fell in love with. Enjoy!