Friday, December 18, 2009

Well..... I have to say that Im depressed....we have no snow on our side of the state yet... SAD!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Okay, so I totally stink at blogging, and maybe someday I'll do better, but Im doubtful that will come til at least after the holiday season. Once a month I guess isn't too terrible ;)

Just celebrated Christmas with the extended family this last weekend. It was a really good visit. Alex got some really awesome toys to play with that he really enjoys so far. Poor lil fella is still fighting the sickness. However, he likes to stand solo more and more so we are hoping for the steps to fallow really soon, hoping but not pushing. :)

Things have been going well with Crochet Medley. Ive made enough sales to get a few gifts here an there, which is exactly why I started trying to sell more. I wish I could have had more things in my shop for the holiday shoppers but next year that shouldn't be an issue. Still, my fans and customers have been awesome and I couldn't have asked for more.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Absent & birthday

Oh man, times are even more hectic around here than I expected. Its okay though, I like staying busy so I don't get bored. I just have neglected reading/writing blog entries :( I haven't vanished, but I do feel like Im starting to repeat that line a lot lol. Things are going alright here. We three are battling crud but I am just happy its not the flu. Sadly though Alex is not better and because of that he cannot get his h1n1 shot til next week. We will see if the doctor can get us something for the little guy. He seems to be sounding worse but getting better if that makes sense. Hes still very happy, except when its bed time and hes waking up to cough. Today is my birthday and its been a great birthday thanks to friends and family. The hubby replaced my compact camera for me, after a lil trouble with the first purchase we got it right on the second try. Also, we hadnt had Logans in a while so we ate there for my dinner and it was yummmm. Little man is starting to stand solo here and there, for a couple few seconds, most the time he just gives up but when we aren't pushing him he will be doing it off in a corner by himself :) I hope hes walking soon, I really do. He has mastered DADA, and CACA for daddy and cat. Im still gahgah or bahbah, not mama. Sigh. This weekend begins the Nov crazy for us, my cousins bridal shower :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

mini mini update

I don't understand why I have such a hard time keeping this blog up to date, its not like I don't get on the computer ever, Im on it a lot at different times throughout the day. Seriously. We've been very busy busy around here. With my shop opening up, and facebook pictures taking off I have had a few custom orders going on. I feel a tad overwhelmed, but Im not sure that I mean that in a bad way. I think Im just freaking out a tad about not being home for a single weekend(minus my bday weekend) in Nov. Even on my Bday weekend, we have to celebrate that, and then a house party for Josh's boss. So wow, its going to be a crazy holiday season. I think it will be better come January, and by better I mean, holidays will be outta the way, cousin will be married, baby will be 1 and not so much a baby anymore! Things will settle. Im hoping people continue to want me to make them things, the extra money is good for me. I feel bad with pricing though. Like, I think I want people to like the sound of the $ and I cut myself short. I guess I need to work on that, and be firm, and well if people don't like it, they won't buy it and thats that. I mean, thats my job right? Lately Ive just been doing custom afghans, scarfs/hats, and the magnets. The magnets are a WIP for sure, trying to get them just right still. Im getting there! So happy day to all of you!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Magnet Adventure

Lately Ive been attempting some things in the crafty world that I wouldn't ever really imagine myself doing. While placing some pictures on the fridge a few weeks ago, I realized I liked my fun glass magnets the best. So, I decide to make some. I found these awesome square tiles over at CandyTiles ArtFire Shop got some, and started playing around. I tried many adhesives, and nothing but e3000 has worked so well just yet. I think I may have to try some diamond glaze. Anyhow. I really love Candy's pendants and the tiles are super perfecto. Some of the glass Ive been using is cheap and has flaws. The magnets I got from her were great, and even though there was some postal goof ups, Candy was great. Y'all should check her out! :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

So Ive had this yarn for a good 4-5 months now, not really knowing what to do with it. Its the kinda yarn that you just cannot make an afghan out of because its costly, and I just got a new purse so that idea wouldn't work. I really didn't want to take the easy way out with the scarf idea but thanks to the help of some forum posts at Raverly and Alessandra over at Just Be Happy! I was able to figure out the ketjusilmukkahuivi scarf and then it was an easy choice. And so it begins! I have a feeling this one will be done soon, since its become very hard to put down! :)

Friday, October 9, 2009


"IT" being me. Im still a live. I prrrrromise. I've been busy busy busy, sick, busy busy busy, more sick, sick baby, yatta yatta. I won't make too many excuses. I will for sure post an update when I feel a lil less loopy. I did however open up my ArtFire site. Ohhh, it feels really good to finally start something like that. I was really hoping for a sale in its first week, but oh well, with only 3 items listed what can I expect. Hopefully word of mouth travels quickly for me.
Here's the linky link!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday monday monday

Usually I hate Mondays, probably like most people. Joshua goes back to work and so do I taking care of Alexander alone. Its not bad, its just really hard to get up and around after a relaxing weekend. We were able to do a good deal of things this weekend, but neglected some things we really needed to do. I wanted to clean the house a ton, which didn't get done. We did get to the park and take some pictures of the baby. He is just so curious that I hardly got him to smile. So It was only a semi-productive weekend.

I'll be gone the next few days, but it will be good I hope. My fear is Alex not sleeping through the night while we are in GR. Im excited for the Red Wings training camp though. I just hope to get some nice pictures!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Sorry its been forever it seems since I sat down and wrote a little ditty. It has been rather busy around here, even with this holiday weekend. We decided to stay home and not travel this time around. We will have a lot of traveling in our future so I think we did a good job by staying home. Ive been a bit down lately because I have had no time to jump on the tred. I really need too, in fact, when Josh gets up from his nap I'll jump on the thing. I really should be on it now while both boys and two kittys are sound asleep.

This weekend I made a trip to Port Huron to check out the craft store Mary Maxim. It was about a half hour drive each way so it wasn't bad. In fact I found myself blaring and singing to cds I had made for Josh. It was enjoyable. They were having their tent sale and that ladies over at the Ville said I should check it out. I found a good number of things in the tent sale, but other than that their prices were kinda high on a lot of things. The store was half neat and collected and just half messy, probably because of the sale, but a lot of things were kind of in random places. I'd probably visit there again but only for big sales I would imagine. I saw so many garage sales and I should have just gone to them but I wanted to get home so I didn't leave Josh alone too long. I dunno why I worry about that, he can handle the baby just fine. I deserve time to myself. Maybe next time!

As for Crochet....
I've just been plucking away at the Larksfoot, its getting large, however I think the lenght is too big, but I'm not turning back now. Alex's ripple is nearly finished too. I've been working on a ghan with help from the ladies at the Ville who have been sending me squares. Its such a nice gesture, and a nice forum place. People are always willing to help and make nice comments. I also took the yarn from the trade center and made an afghan, it will be a bridal gift here soon. When I gift that, I'll be able to post pictures of that and the 2 comfortghans. Sorry, I can't yet because I know people in my family, and friends circles read this thing. I'd really hate to ruin a surprise. Other than those big projects Ive made a few stitch markers for thanks yous to Ville members, I was pleased with those and I will probably try to make sets to sell either at craft shows or online. I just hope people would want to buy my things. Ive made a few baby washclothes now too for that purpose.

On a different note, Ive sorted and organized almost all my beading stuff. I didn't really realize how much of a mess my beading tote really was. Plus I had beads in my scrapbooking things and kinda just all over the place. Now they are all in their cases and divided up. All but the sead beads. I may need a few more organizers, but I have some joanns and micheals coupons I could use for them so they aren't super expensive.

I've also discovered a site that Im kinda in love with now. Its called Dollar Store Crafts. Some of the stuff in there is just flat out junk but there are some very cool ideas and things that I want to try out. These being one of them! I'm also collecting bottle tops for my magnet creations. I have several people sending them to me from the Ville, and family collecting them. But hey if anyone reads this and wants to send me their metal bottle tops, PLEASE DO!!! I also purchased my frame for the butterfly collage.

Sadly, I found tables that would be aaaaaweeeeeesome for the craft room. They are listed for $10 too, so that would only be $20! But, the catch is they are an hour away, and there really is no way of us getting to them, nor being able to haul them back. We really don't want to ask someone to borrow their truck or something do get em either. Having someone deliver them is like $100. Oh well.

I'll leave you with this picture I took while we were in the UP over the fourth of July long weekend. Right by our hotel was a pasture and the horses were beautiful.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crazy week!

So wow, its been a couple of days indeed. Rough ones at that I might add. I'm almost positive Alexander is teething again, hes been dealing with it as best he can, but the other morning he was running a high temp. I was worried Id have to make a fast trip to his doctor with him, but Motrin helped him, and I think it made him happier to not really feel the tooth.

Josh was actually under the weather for a few days, and with the Air Show coming this weekend its been a really busy week. He also had guard this past weekend which means he worked Mon-Thurs then Sat, Sun, and now his regular work week. Those are the weekends we hate. I hate them because he wants to sleep in on Friday, and so do I! Obviously one of us has to get up for the little one. This Drill weekend Josh wasn't exactly quiet with Alex so I barely slept in.

This past Saturday I attempted some garage sales with my friend Jessi.
She also moved over here with her husband for her job. Its been nice having at least ONE female friend that I know I can relate with. I found a few things for the little man. A rocker in pretty great condition, and even a dress outfit which should fit him in time for Colin and AJs wedding this January. We also went to Olga's kitchen where I got Jessi lunch because her bday was this past weekend also, and we drove around the college campus where her and her husband will be taking some classes this fall. We were both fairly surprised at the size of it, being that its a community college and all. It was fun though. Target also had a sale on some things I want for the craft room, so Sunday me and little man went on a trip. I was able to get my 9 cube organizer one sale, I wanted 2 for the desk, kindof like this. I droll over her lovely set up. I figured one would work for now since I may want to set it up differently. I also picked up one of the wire cube organizers for now, Im thinking I will need another one or two of these for my yarn. Of course I did NOT pay that much and mine has 6 cubes so far.

I also managed to finish the shadowbox my Aunt commissioned me for, it turned out rather nice. I can't post pictures til it is gifted though because Im afraid that I would ruin the surprise. Ive also been hooking away at Alexander's blanket, and the living room blanket. I also have recieved some lovely squares for the Comfortghan I am doing, also a gift. Id love to have time to make Colin and AJ one as a gift too, we shall see. Josh kinda got on me about my WIP or UFOs, which ever you prefer, so Im going to have to work on that, however I told him that will probably always be an issue! haha. I've also decided to stock up, maybe over the next year, and enter myself in a flea market or craft show sometime next year. I have always wanted to be able to make some extra money off my crafts, and just never had enough to sell, or the right audience. Ive done a few custom order things here and there, but never the same thing I guess.

Im trying desperately to prepare the house for company this weekend. Josh's mother and step father will be here Thurs-Sun and my parents will be here on Sat for the air show. I love when company comes its just ughhh. I think you all know what Im talking about.

Well, now the little one is awake, so I must jet.

I will leave you all with this awesome picture of what I found while changing a light bulb. Its not pretty, mind you this house had been on the market for 3 months, and I doubt people were living in it for months before that. I sqeeled loudly when I saw this because I thought it was just a few flies in there. EW!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I don't know how I could forget to write about this earlier this morning, I must have been sleeping still or something. Yesterday was our wedding anniversary! 2 years and counting. Let's see how many we can add to that. We really didn't celebrate anything, that's kinda of our style. Josh got out of work a little early and bought some ammo, which he sent me off to get him more. They had a limit of 6. Ammo is a royal pain in the rear end to get around here because people think Obama is gonna lay down the gun law. Anyhow, he stuck with the tradition gift of "cotton" and got me an awesome pillow, along with a pillow protector and a pillow case that shockingly matches our bedding well. He did good, and even if we have our problems, its been bliss.

busy busy busy

I really should try to post daily, but man the days fly by sometimes. Like...where did yesterday go?! Sheesh.

The past few days have consisted of cleaning, cooking, baking, and lots of baby loving.

I yet again attempted to make Mom's Banana Bread and it came out well this time, but the center of the second loaf sunk in again because it was under cooked. Someday I will get it right. I may need to try a different recipe.

Last night I decided to make a recipe given to me by my sister. It was fairly easy, and very yummy.

Penne Chicken Casserole
1 pound whole–wheat penne pasta
Cooking spray
1 ½ pounds boneless chicken breast
1 large jar tomato sauce
1 ½ cups part–skim shredded mozzarella

Preheat oven to 375°F.
Bring a large potof water to a boil; season with salt. When boiling, add pasta. Cook according to directions on package (about 7 to 8 minutes), or until al dente. When cooked, drain and rinse with cold water.

While pasta cooks, spray a cookie sheet with cooking spray and arrange chicken breast on tray. Sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper and bake for 15 to 18 minutes, or until cooked through.

Remove from oven and cool. When cool, dice into ½–inch pieces. Spray a 13–by–9–inch casserole dish with cooking spray. In a large mixing bowl, toss pasta, chicken, and sauce (add a bit more sauce if desired). Place mixture in a casserole dish and sprinkle with shredded cheese. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes, or until cheese is completely melted and casserole is hot all the way through

It was veeeery yummy. Don't have a final product picture though, hubby was "starving"

I haven't done much in the crochet department because my Aunt is having me make a shadowbox for my cousin who just got engaged. Its been a hard process for sure. It takes me forever just to make a scrapbook page because Im so picky. I did however pick up my Butterfly Punch because first off I ADORE butterflies, and I would like to make a collage simular to here. I'd like to do one for the craft room and bedroom. We shall see.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rainy Saturday

I have a couple pictures of Audrey's ripple, just waiting on a few from my sister cause I forgot to get some nice ones before giving the blanket to her. I used a ripple stitch from Jan Eaton 200 Ripple, and Vanna's Choice Baby colors Sweet Pea and Goldfish.

This was another other option. I wanted to try a Granny Ripple. I do believe I made this with "I Love This Yarn" This will go to a friend and former co-workers daughter Peyton.

I also, like I said, started the afghan for the living room. I am addicted to the stitch so its been hard to put down at night when Im watching Forensic Files. I've been forcing myself to put it down no later than 11pm or there will be rough days ahead.

I have only worked on this blanket for maybe 2 hours total and already Im so far...yikes!! I almost want to make my afghan with this stitch. I still haven't decided, either Wavy Blanket , the Larksfoot stitch above, or Lucy's from Attic24 ripple pattern. I picked the colors but now Im not so sure I want to use the Red Heart brand of yarn. I may have to look at Hobby Lobby.

I attempted to do some bargain shopping today but it was horribly rainy out. Good for our poor lawn, but not for garage saling. I went to 2 with only a bowl.

Its very pretty though, and large so I can make cookies in it, or salad?

Then I ventured into The Salvation Army in New Baltimore to check it out. By then it was pouring out. Thankfully I remembered the umbrella. I got soaked anyways. Of course they were busy busy so the front row of parking was completely full. I did get an organizer there and a candle holder, at least thats what I think it is. I may go back and get two more to put in the empty holes of the organizer, but I got it to keep my hooks in on my craft room desk, once that is built finally...someday...

I have been getting a few things for the room here and there, mostly if its on sale or at the $1 bins that Target/Micheals have.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I decided I need to make it a weekly habit to post. Life with a 7 month old still hasn't slowed down, in fact now that he is almost crawling it is getting harder to contain the little guy. Oh well, that's life. How could I not love it with a sweet little face like this???

I finished Audrey's blanket completely! 100% finished, and I love the boarder I decided to do. I have been stocking up on yarn, maybe its a bit of hording complex going on lately. I started the blanket for our living room, I chose various shades of brown and blue. I will post pictures this evening. I also bought the first colors of MY blanket. Yep, finally making something big for myself. I haven't made a blanket for me since I first re-taught myself to crochet.
Also I'll have to post about this past weekend, it really was a joy. I realize that sometimes the simple life is the better life, or at least for a long weekend! We decided to go to the Rye family reunion this year(my moms side) and it was up in the UP. Our whole clan was there pretty much and it was honestly really a breath of fresh air. I love being in the woods, minus skeeters, but I also got some time to snap some pictures. We intend on going for a longer visit next year to make it more worth while.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Manic Monday - first post

Gosh, I am feeling pretty lame having this blog for so long and never using it. I really should. Ever since Alexander was born its been a crazy life. I never really imagined motherhood this way, but that's a good thing. He's truly my pride and joy in every way I could ever think of.

Joshua's new job is going rather well, which I wasn't sure if he was really going to take well to it or not. So far so good. This base here is very different from what he's used to but he is fitting in really well, and I think he is happier where he's at over where he though he wanted to be. I'm so happy that I am able to stay at home with the babe because of him. However, I get the itch to work a lot, or do something, sell something, read and write something. I really want to get into school already, I feel like I quit college and that's that, and that doesn't sit well with me. Someday when things have seemingly settled around here maybe I will be able to, but I'm thinking its going to still be insane while taking classes. I don't really miss retail, except a few people I worked with.

My friends back home I truly miss. At least our best friends are near us, and although Josh continues to grow close with his co-workers I feel a hole. Its been a very long time now since I have seen my former best friend and it still stings, still pisses me off, still hurts. Its so completely awkward to chat with her now. I don't know it feels strained still. I blame myself for that, I probably should have handled it differently. Now we are at similar points in our lives and its feeling like this would be a great time for our friendship to blossom even more than it was, but its just not. Maybe I should just give in a bit of my white flag, not sure. If there is one thing about myself that I pretty much hate is how I hold on to the past, a grudge if you will. At the same time, Ive always felt that people take advantage of me, such is life I guess.

I have been itching to get my craft room together! I love this house, really I do, but we still feel like there is sooo much to do and really there is. I want to remodel the kitchen and bathrooms, but its stinkin' expensive. At least I watch a lot of HGTV and DIY so I have some vision.

I finished our little niece's blanket finally, now its on to finish Alexander's. I should have never put any of my crochet down I love it so much. Maybe I can get Jessi into it and we can find a group get together around here to go to. I really need to scrapbook also. Again, the craft room has to get done.