Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crafter Q & A #8 Posh Pooch Designs

 Posh Pooch Designs

1) List a short blurp about yourself! Ie: married, children, location, etc.
I am Sara Sach, married 28 years to the same man. I am 47 yrs old and Have 2 grown Children and two Grandchildren. We spent 15 years traveling around the world with the Air force and then, returned here to Tulsa, Ok. After retirement, so our children could grow near family. I have two Chihuahuas, that are spoiled and love to wear sweaters and clothes.
2) Whats the name of your handmade business and why is it named that way?
The Name of my Business is Posh Pooch Designs, This name came about as I wanted a cutie name that sounded a little sophisticated. I chose "Designs" as part of the name because I do design all my own patterns, both crochet and sewing, and make them all myself.

3) What do you specialize in?
Dog Sweaters and clothes are my General Specialty, but within the Dog Clothes category, Sweaters are my main specialty. I started with just making dog sweaters, and since I cannot sell them year around, I ventured into , Embroidered Bandanas Dresses, tu tus, harnesses and Harness tu tus and …a lot more.

4) What made you want to venture into the world of handmade sales?
I actually started my business because Chihuahuas get cold, I had two, so I went shopping for dog sweaters. They never fit right or looked cute, and were made of thin cheap yarns and fabrics. So using my own dogs as models, I began making crochet patterns for sweaters and hats.  My friends saw them, and wanted them for their dogs. After making several for free, they started paying for them and my son said, "Mom you should start a business." So I got a web page, Which led to and "Artfire Store", then a face book friend and fan page and now a blog.  And I am having a blast with it!

5) Where is your "office" located?
We are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I do have some a display in 3 different stores in town, "The Gift Garden", "The urban Paw Spa" and "Wagz Doggie Daycare". 

6) What is your most favorite item you have made or make?
My most favorite item to make is still the first crochet sweater and hat pattern I made.  It is a basic full body sweater with arms, that can be made in any color of yarn, and trimmed with fun yarns, and a matching hat.

7) What other passions do you have?
I do have several other passions…but one of my newest one is making Breast Cancer Awareness items….my mother was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I do actually have a Fund raiser going now to raise money for gas card for her..lots of trips to the Drs. plus chemo and radiation. 

8) What are some of your favorite things? Ie: color, food, place, etc.
My favorite Color is yellow, Bright sunshine yellow mot school bus yellow..But I love Bright shades of most colors! I am a upbeat happy person and love to laugh and make other laugh. "Life is too short to live it grumpy" that is my motto.

9) Who inspires you? This is a very general question for a reason!
I am truly inspired by my husband, Keith. He has always encouraged me to grow, and although , at times I fell down, he has always been there to help me up, and try again. 

10) What do you want people to think/see/feel when they look your handmade things up?
When people see my designs I want them to first thing, "That is something I want my pooch to wear ." I want people to see the care and fun I put into each item I design.  To feel like I care about what they want, or need for their pooch, as well as get an affordable item.

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