Saturday, October 17, 2009

Magnet Adventure

Lately Ive been attempting some things in the crafty world that I wouldn't ever really imagine myself doing. While placing some pictures on the fridge a few weeks ago, I realized I liked my fun glass magnets the best. So, I decide to make some. I found these awesome square tiles over at CandyTiles ArtFire Shop got some, and started playing around. I tried many adhesives, and nothing but e3000 has worked so well just yet. I think I may have to try some diamond glaze. Anyhow. I really love Candy's pendants and the tiles are super perfecto. Some of the glass Ive been using is cheap and has flaws. The magnets I got from her were great, and even though there was some postal goof ups, Candy was great. Y'all should check her out! :)

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