Thursday, October 22, 2009

mini mini update

I don't understand why I have such a hard time keeping this blog up to date, its not like I don't get on the computer ever, Im on it a lot at different times throughout the day. Seriously. We've been very busy busy around here. With my shop opening up, and facebook pictures taking off I have had a few custom orders going on. I feel a tad overwhelmed, but Im not sure that I mean that in a bad way. I think Im just freaking out a tad about not being home for a single weekend(minus my bday weekend) in Nov. Even on my Bday weekend, we have to celebrate that, and then a house party for Josh's boss. So wow, its going to be a crazy holiday season. I think it will be better come January, and by better I mean, holidays will be outta the way, cousin will be married, baby will be 1 and not so much a baby anymore! Things will settle. Im hoping people continue to want me to make them things, the extra money is good for me. I feel bad with pricing though. Like, I think I want people to like the sound of the $ and I cut myself short. I guess I need to work on that, and be firm, and well if people don't like it, they won't buy it and thats that. I mean, thats my job right? Lately Ive just been doing custom afghans, scarfs/hats, and the magnets. The magnets are a WIP for sure, trying to get them just right still. Im getting there! So happy day to all of you!


  1. Well, I have been able to keep my blog up to date either, it's hard sometimes.
    About the pricing... oh boy.. my husband made me raise everything 50%, he said I was giving my work away, and if I sold less, but at a higher price, I would make the same money and feel good about it.
    I gotta tell you that I think that's he's right, since I marked things up, the sales haven't dropped, so I guess people will buy if they really like it no matter what is the price.
    Just something for you to think about.
    Have a good one!

  2. Thanks Lady.
    You're right, if people really want it they will buy :)