Monday, November 9, 2009

Absent & birthday

Oh man, times are even more hectic around here than I expected. Its okay though, I like staying busy so I don't get bored. I just have neglected reading/writing blog entries :( I haven't vanished, but I do feel like Im starting to repeat that line a lot lol. Things are going alright here. We three are battling crud but I am just happy its not the flu. Sadly though Alex is not better and because of that he cannot get his h1n1 shot til next week. We will see if the doctor can get us something for the little guy. He seems to be sounding worse but getting better if that makes sense. Hes still very happy, except when its bed time and hes waking up to cough. Today is my birthday and its been a great birthday thanks to friends and family. The hubby replaced my compact camera for me, after a lil trouble with the first purchase we got it right on the second try. Also, we hadnt had Logans in a while so we ate there for my dinner and it was yummmm. Little man is starting to stand solo here and there, for a couple few seconds, most the time he just gives up but when we aren't pushing him he will be doing it off in a corner by himself :) I hope hes walking soon, I really do. He has mastered DADA, and CACA for daddy and cat. Im still gahgah or bahbah, not mama. Sigh. This weekend begins the Nov crazy for us, my cousins bridal shower :)

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  1. Happy birthday, Erin!!!!
    I wish you lots of happiness!