Thursday, February 18, 2010

Le Sigh

Can I just let out a huge and long Sigh for just a moment. The world just never stops for somethings that I feel it should. Im not exactly sure if it is a sigh of relief, frustration, exhaustion, or a mix of a few things, but man it feels good to just siiiiiighhhhhh.

After returning back to town from the funeral services of Maxwell Fuelling, we are still not back to normal. Joshua started a night shift AGAIN, only this one is a bit more reasonable I guess. We will see if it lasts. This way he is able to on and off sleep in, and allow me to do the same, which is great cause Im not really a morning person. He can also give Alex lunch. He misses 2 baths but has been able to say goodnight to Alex also on his lunch break. I like that much, but I dunno.

Ive been working on crochet toys lately. They are rather a pain for me to get used to, but Im getting there and they are getting easier.

Theres Moko the Cat pattern finished. Just have a bunny to get done with. Im not really happy with how the first one turned out so Im going to see if my friend likes the other one better.


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  1. I'm sorry to hear that you are going trough a rough period. I hope things get easier, just like the toys.