Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Q&A Crafter #6 HollyCraft

 Holly of HollyCraft

1) List a short blurp about yourself! Ie: married, children, location, etc.
 My name is Holly Ernst. I am married, have 2 wild and crazy kids and have lived in West MI my whole life.

2) Whats the name of your handmade business and why is it named that way?
The name of my business is HollyCraft Originals. My husband actually came up with this name. Basically I have always loved crafting and all my appliques and cards are my original work.

3) What do you specialize in?
 I specialize in handmade fabric appliques made from fabric scraps and upcycled denim and corduroy.

4) What made you want to venture into the world of handmade sales?

I started trying to sell on Etsy because I wanted to try to make money to pay for my hobbies. My husband seemed to think I was spending a lot of money on all of the different hobbies I do, so I thought why not try to make a few bucks off of what I enjoy doing?

5) Where is your "office" located?
My "office" is usually my kitchen table. I also like to work in the living room while watching a something on TV.

6) What is your most favorite item you have made or make?
I really love to make my little owl appliques. They are my favorite.

7) What other passions do you have?

I also enjoy scrapbooking, quilting, making cards, painting, drawing, baking, making korker bows

8) What are some of your favorite things? Ie: color, food, place, etc.
I love bright, funky colors together. My favorite food is pasta! And New York style cheesecake with strawberries(I make the recipe from Junior's) My favorite place to visit is Tennessee...beautiful. And I love Florida in the wintertime....:)

9) Who inspires you? This is a very general question for a reason!
Wow~ Inspiration for me comes from so many places. I look at scrapbooking magazines ALL the time. I ♥ Mary Englebreit's artwork. And my Mom taught me so much of the things I use today in my crafting. I thank her for that! Her inspiration is what got me going.

10) What do you want people to think/see/feel when they look your handmade things up?
I want them to think that what I make is original, whimsical and fun. I hope they can see that I really do enjoy making my handmade items.

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