Monday, December 5, 2011

Blue Christmas...

I've been trying my very hardest to get into the holiday spirit, I really really have. I promised to try this year, Im doing okay I think! I have basically every gift already wrapped. Im being really sneaky about some things around the house cause I want my husband to have some surprises when he finally gets back to us. Its been rather depressing knowing this is the 2nd Christmas in 4 years of marriage he has missed due to deployment. I really shouldn't whine because he has a much shorter term that so many others that serve, but that to me doesnt matter when hes missing my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, our sons birthday, and then even New Years. Its a total punch in the gut. We've been trying to visit my side of the family as much as usual, which is only because they live in state and are close enough given the little man gets car sick if we aren't careful. Sometimes it makes things easier but sometimes not so much. We went to the base wide Christmas party this past weekend and only lasted about an hour and half max. For one, little man was tired. Then it was crowded, loud, and just crazy basically. Ive been basing when we leave mostly on when he says so. Id rather him not be that child who leaves kicking and screaming.

I got together with a friend this weekend too, we made wreaths and I think they turned out rather nice!
This is her final result, all lit up
This is my red, white(well silver) and blue simple wreath
This one I made over the course of two days really. Im loving the mums, rolled roses, buttons, yarn and bells. This is on our front door this year.

I finally started the holiday baking, since we have a family party this coming weekend. Guess its crunch time!

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