Saturday, December 17, 2011

Preparing just is never enough :)

With all the homecoming fuss, I am trying to not get overly excited! We still have some time yet but Ive been doing as much around the house that I can. Family trips to break up the month have helped. I can't believe our baby boy will be 3 in just a bit. Im not ready for that! No amount of prep will brace me for that. I think there will be some sobbing for sure!!! Sadly we are both super sick with a nasty cold. For once I cannot point the finger at the origin ((sad face)) so we shall blame shopping carts!! Its even worse than when little man had a double ear infection early in the deploy. Hes so miserable and basically just lays around, and if you know my son at all, thats not his nature.

Heres somethings Ive made for US this year...

For our son, he is so in love with it :)

My parents gave me some yarn for my birthday and I made myself a cowl. 


  1. I hope you are having a great Christmas day!

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  2. Love the hat you made for your son!