Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Sorry its been forever it seems since I sat down and wrote a little ditty. It has been rather busy around here, even with this holiday weekend. We decided to stay home and not travel this time around. We will have a lot of traveling in our future so I think we did a good job by staying home. Ive been a bit down lately because I have had no time to jump on the tred. I really need too, in fact, when Josh gets up from his nap I'll jump on the thing. I really should be on it now while both boys and two kittys are sound asleep.

This weekend I made a trip to Port Huron to check out the craft store Mary Maxim. It was about a half hour drive each way so it wasn't bad. In fact I found myself blaring and singing to cds I had made for Josh. It was enjoyable. They were having their tent sale and that ladies over at the Ville said I should check it out. I found a good number of things in the tent sale, but other than that their prices were kinda high on a lot of things. The store was half neat and collected and just half messy, probably because of the sale, but a lot of things were kind of in random places. I'd probably visit there again but only for big sales I would imagine. I saw so many garage sales and I should have just gone to them but I wanted to get home so I didn't leave Josh alone too long. I dunno why I worry about that, he can handle the baby just fine. I deserve time to myself. Maybe next time!

As for Crochet....
I've just been plucking away at the Larksfoot, its getting large, however I think the lenght is too big, but I'm not turning back now. Alex's ripple is nearly finished too. I've been working on a ghan with help from the ladies at the Ville who have been sending me squares. Its such a nice gesture, and a nice forum place. People are always willing to help and make nice comments. I also took the yarn from the trade center and made an afghan, it will be a bridal gift here soon. When I gift that, I'll be able to post pictures of that and the 2 comfortghans. Sorry, I can't yet because I know people in my family, and friends circles read this thing. I'd really hate to ruin a surprise. Other than those big projects Ive made a few stitch markers for thanks yous to Ville members, I was pleased with those and I will probably try to make sets to sell either at craft shows or online. I just hope people would want to buy my things. Ive made a few baby washclothes now too for that purpose.

On a different note, Ive sorted and organized almost all my beading stuff. I didn't really realize how much of a mess my beading tote really was. Plus I had beads in my scrapbooking things and kinda just all over the place. Now they are all in their cases and divided up. All but the sead beads. I may need a few more organizers, but I have some joanns and micheals coupons I could use for them so they aren't super expensive.

I've also discovered a site that Im kinda in love with now. Its called Dollar Store Crafts. Some of the stuff in there is just flat out junk but there are some very cool ideas and things that I want to try out. These being one of them! I'm also collecting bottle tops for my magnet creations. I have several people sending them to me from the Ville, and family collecting them. But hey if anyone reads this and wants to send me their metal bottle tops, PLEASE DO!!! I also purchased my frame for the butterfly collage.

Sadly, I found tables that would be aaaaaweeeeeesome for the craft room. They are listed for $10 too, so that would only be $20! But, the catch is they are an hour away, and there really is no way of us getting to them, nor being able to haul them back. We really don't want to ask someone to borrow their truck or something do get em either. Having someone deliver them is like $100. Oh well.

I'll leave you with this picture I took while we were in the UP over the fourth of July long weekend. Right by our hotel was a pasture and the horses were beautiful.

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