Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crazy week!

So wow, its been a couple of days indeed. Rough ones at that I might add. I'm almost positive Alexander is teething again, hes been dealing with it as best he can, but the other morning he was running a high temp. I was worried Id have to make a fast trip to his doctor with him, but Motrin helped him, and I think it made him happier to not really feel the tooth.

Josh was actually under the weather for a few days, and with the Air Show coming this weekend its been a really busy week. He also had guard this past weekend which means he worked Mon-Thurs then Sat, Sun, and now his regular work week. Those are the weekends we hate. I hate them because he wants to sleep in on Friday, and so do I! Obviously one of us has to get up for the little one. This Drill weekend Josh wasn't exactly quiet with Alex so I barely slept in.

This past Saturday I attempted some garage sales with my friend Jessi.
She also moved over here with her husband for her job. Its been nice having at least ONE female friend that I know I can relate with. I found a few things for the little man. A rocker in pretty great condition, and even a dress outfit which should fit him in time for Colin and AJs wedding this January. We also went to Olga's kitchen where I got Jessi lunch because her bday was this past weekend also, and we drove around the college campus where her and her husband will be taking some classes this fall. We were both fairly surprised at the size of it, being that its a community college and all. It was fun though. Target also had a sale on some things I want for the craft room, so Sunday me and little man went on a trip. I was able to get my 9 cube organizer one sale, I wanted 2 for the desk, kindof like this. I droll over her lovely set up. I figured one would work for now since I may want to set it up differently. I also picked up one of the wire cube organizers for now, Im thinking I will need another one or two of these for my yarn. Of course I did NOT pay that much and mine has 6 cubes so far.

I also managed to finish the shadowbox my Aunt commissioned me for, it turned out rather nice. I can't post pictures til it is gifted though because Im afraid that I would ruin the surprise. Ive also been hooking away at Alexander's blanket, and the living room blanket. I also have recieved some lovely squares for the Comfortghan I am doing, also a gift. Id love to have time to make Colin and AJ one as a gift too, we shall see. Josh kinda got on me about my WIP or UFOs, which ever you prefer, so Im going to have to work on that, however I told him that will probably always be an issue! haha. I've also decided to stock up, maybe over the next year, and enter myself in a flea market or craft show sometime next year. I have always wanted to be able to make some extra money off my crafts, and just never had enough to sell, or the right audience. Ive done a few custom order things here and there, but never the same thing I guess.

Im trying desperately to prepare the house for company this weekend. Josh's mother and step father will be here Thurs-Sun and my parents will be here on Sat for the air show. I love when company comes its just ughhh. I think you all know what Im talking about.

Well, now the little one is awake, so I must jet.

I will leave you all with this awesome picture of what I found while changing a light bulb. Its not pretty, mind you this house had been on the market for 3 months, and I doubt people were living in it for months before that. I sqeeled loudly when I saw this because I thought it was just a few flies in there. EW!!!!

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