Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crafter Q&A #2 Kawaii Crochet

Alisha Murray of Kawaii Crochet
Here are the answers submitted by Kawaii Crochet
1) List a short blurp about yourself! Ie: married, children, location, etc.  
Hi My name is Alisha Murray. I'm from Michigan and I've lived here my whole life. Last September I married my high school sweet heart. We've been together almost 6 years. I've recently taken up crocheting and I can't seem to stop creating new hats and Amigurumi Animals. My husband has set up the website for me and we are in the process of branching away from the business because it is my brother and his girlfriends business. My new site is called and it should be up and running soon. For now products will be sold on

2) Whats the name of your handmade business and why is it named that way?
The name of my business is Kawaii Crochet. Kawaii is Japanese for Cute. My grandmother came to America from Japan when she was in her 20s and I wanted to use a Japanese word instead of calling it just "cute crochet."

3) What do you specialize in?
I specialize in a variety of Hats and Amigurumi animals. I hope to creak purses and wallets in the near future.

4) What made you want to venture into the world of handmade sales?
I was working kitchen Jobs after kitchen jobs. It was very stressful so I took up crocheting to relax. I enjoyed it so much and my husband suggested I sell my hats because I've gotten so many positive responses. So I left the kitchen world and went back into the arts and crafts.

5) Where is your "office" located?
I do all my work in my home while watching CSI and Law and Order. I Love it!

6) What is your most favorite item you have made or make?
My most favorite item I've made is my Amigurumi Dinosaur. I think it's adorable and I really enjoyed making it.

7) What other passions do you have?
I have many different passions within art, whether it is painting, drawing, Photoshopping, Crocheting, Cake Decorating, cooking, or Drumming. I love all ares and am very passionate about everything I get into.

8) What are some of your favorite things? Ie: color, food, place, etc.
Throughout the years my favorite colours have changed but I love Olive Green. I really enjoy traveling and my most favorite place to travel to was Japan. I've traveled there twice already and plan to go back this winter to see my family there.

9) Who inspires you? This is a very general question for a reason!
My husband is my inspiration. He thinks that everything I put my heart, drawing, crocheting.. is amazing. He tells me that I'm the most talented person he knows and Always supports me. He's my best friend and my soul mate.

10) What do you want people to think/see/feel when they look your handmade things up?
I want people to be excited and happy when they purchase or even see my products. I've worked really hard to make my products special and unique for people. I express a piece of myself through crochet and I hope people feel the love in every stitch.  

Want to see more from Alisha???
She can be found at the fallowing places

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