Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I decided I need to make it a weekly habit to post. Life with a 7 month old still hasn't slowed down, in fact now that he is almost crawling it is getting harder to contain the little guy. Oh well, that's life. How could I not love it with a sweet little face like this???

I finished Audrey's blanket completely! 100% finished, and I love the boarder I decided to do. I have been stocking up on yarn, maybe its a bit of hording complex going on lately. I started the blanket for our living room, I chose various shades of brown and blue. I will post pictures this evening. I also bought the first colors of MY blanket. Yep, finally making something big for myself. I haven't made a blanket for me since I first re-taught myself to crochet.
Also I'll have to post about this past weekend, it really was a joy. I realize that sometimes the simple life is the better life, or at least for a long weekend! We decided to go to the Rye family reunion this year(my moms side) and it was up in the UP. Our whole clan was there pretty much and it was honestly really a breath of fresh air. I love being in the woods, minus skeeters, but I also got some time to snap some pictures. We intend on going for a longer visit next year to make it more worth while.

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  1. My boy is almost 5 months old, I know how busy we can get taking care of the little guys, but it's well worth it!
    You'll find the time to post, I'm sure of it.