Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rainy Saturday

I have a couple pictures of Audrey's ripple, just waiting on a few from my sister cause I forgot to get some nice ones before giving the blanket to her. I used a ripple stitch from Jan Eaton 200 Ripple, and Vanna's Choice Baby colors Sweet Pea and Goldfish.

This was another other option. I wanted to try a Granny Ripple. I do believe I made this with "I Love This Yarn" This will go to a friend and former co-workers daughter Peyton.

I also, like I said, started the afghan for the living room. I am addicted to the stitch so its been hard to put down at night when Im watching Forensic Files. I've been forcing myself to put it down no later than 11pm or there will be rough days ahead.

I have only worked on this blanket for maybe 2 hours total and already Im so far...yikes!! I almost want to make my afghan with this stitch. I still haven't decided, either Wavy Blanket , the Larksfoot stitch above, or Lucy's from Attic24 ripple pattern. I picked the colors but now Im not so sure I want to use the Red Heart brand of yarn. I may have to look at Hobby Lobby.

I attempted to do some bargain shopping today but it was horribly rainy out. Good for our poor lawn, but not for garage saling. I went to 2 with only a bowl.

Its very pretty though, and large so I can make cookies in it, or salad?

Then I ventured into The Salvation Army in New Baltimore to check it out. By then it was pouring out. Thankfully I remembered the umbrella. I got soaked anyways. Of course they were busy busy so the front row of parking was completely full. I did get an organizer there and a candle holder, at least thats what I think it is. I may go back and get two more to put in the empty holes of the organizer, but I got it to keep my hooks in on my craft room desk, once that is built finally...someday...

I have been getting a few things for the room here and there, mostly if its on sale or at the $1 bins that Target/Micheals have.


  1. your blankets are so beautiful!!!
    I love that stitch too, one of my faves!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Love your blankets - I must try a granny ripple oneday soon!