Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I don't know how I could forget to write about this earlier this morning, I must have been sleeping still or something. Yesterday was our wedding anniversary! 2 years and counting. Let's see how many we can add to that. We really didn't celebrate anything, that's kinda of our style. Josh got out of work a little early and bought some ammo, which he sent me off to get him more. They had a limit of 6. Ammo is a royal pain in the rear end to get around here because people think Obama is gonna lay down the gun law. Anyhow, he stuck with the tradition gift of "cotton" and got me an awesome pillow, along with a pillow protector and a pillow case that shockingly matches our bedding well. He did good, and even if we have our problems, its been bliss.

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  1. Hi there -- Happy Anniversary! My hubby and I have just celebrated our 30th -- time really does fly ans you will be there before you know it. When life gets crazy and tough just hang on to each other and don't give up -- staying together is worth it in the end. Just some loving advice learned by experience. Have a great year #3. Blessings, Betty Anne